Warrior WellnessTM

A 90-Minute Bootcamp to Your Fiercest You

Every day that passes is a day that you don’t get back.

Isn’t it time?

You have been brought to this point of reading these exact words because something deep within you knows it’s time to take charge and reclaim your mind, body, and spirit. The Warrior Wellness 90-Minute Bootcamp is the wake-up call you need to get that fire lit and get you closer to your optimum health. In one intense 90-minute session we are going to cut through the red tape of your mind, honor and appreciate your goals for your body, and light up your soul so that you have a supercharged spark and plan to create an environment of wellness in your life. Your health–mental, physical, and spiritual–is the single greatest asset you have.

Stop wasting time…

…and start living the life you, and your body, deserve. This is about strength. It is about longevity. It is about healing. And it is about resilience–one of the key factors for navigating the challenges that life throws out at you.

Awaken that sleeping Warrior within, it’s time to do this!!


About your session

In this 90-minute intensive you and I are going to cut through all the excuses and get down to exactly what steps you need to take to bring your health and wellness to Warrior status! We are going to focus exclusively on your habits and patterns, your goals and desires, and create a blueprint for how to unleash your fierce, powerful, healthy Self. As a bonus you will gain access to my online Master Class so that you have the community and support from me to make it happen.

Are you ready to reveal your potential on a whole new level?


Free Exclusive:

A free month of membership to Mia’s Master Class, my live, interactive community where I teach and posts regularly. A $197 value!

Benefits of a Warrior Wellness Bootcamp

checkedIn-depth look at your health habits — what stays, what goes, and what needs to be introduced

checkedExploration of personal mindset to understand existing mental patterns holding you back
checkedDiscuss major challenges that you feel prevent you from progressing with your health and wellness
checkedDevelopment of your personal Warrior Wellness Strategies to get you on your path and keep you there
checked Unlimited access to Mia’s Master Class for one month free (normally a $197 value)! Includes a community of lively individuals all working to uplevel, live classes taught by me, and a constant stream of inspiring, educational, and motivating content to keep your spark shining bright and strong.

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