The Power of Intuition

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Believe me, we are going to be going deep into this subject of intuition and its powers, but this just happened this morning and I wanted to share it with you as an example as to why we are going to learn about this together.

Here is the back-story:
For about a year I’ve written a column for a local magazine here in Los Angeles. Every time it comes out there are free copies all around town for people to pick up. Yesterday the magazine came out and as I walked by a stack of magazines I got a “hit” that said the following: “Pick one up for your neighbor and deliver it to her today.” I didn’t really think too much of it but I have learned never to question my intuitive “hits” and so I grabbed a copy and promptly delivered it to her when I got home. Simple, right? Right. I then went about my day. Fast forward to this morning: I got back from dropping all of the kids to school and found this note on my door. Read it carefully. This note was followed by several text messages of thanks and appreciation and even one that said, “Mia, you have no idea, you literally saved my life. I cannot thank you enough for bringing me your article.”

Do you see what happened here? And to be clear: This is not about me. This is about allowing the Universe to use you as a messenger to help others. This is about paying close attention to that which you cannot see outright. It is about the power, and more important the purpose, of living a life in-tune with your full potential. I have NO IDEA why this article “saved her life” and it is honestly not my business. My job, quite clearly, was to deliver that article to her doorstep and I am pleased to have had that honor.

We are each equipped with unbelievable power to help others, and for that matter to help ourselves, in profound ways. If you are interested, I’m going to teach you how . . .
Until then, have a blessed day and be a lighthouse!

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