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While Mia and her team make every effort to ensure correct and helpful information, the field of mental health and wellness is always changing and evolving. One health professional may have a different way of doing things from another. We are simply presenting our best knowledge and wisdom based upon Mia’s and our collective personal and professional experience. By enrolling in Mia’s Master Class, any of Mia’s mentoring/coaching products, and/or social media groups you agree not to use this as medical advice to treat any medical or mental health condition in either yourself or others. Please consult with your own physician and/or mental health professional for any issues that you may be experiencing. Mia’s products and services are not to be considered psychotherapy and do not replace medical and/or clinical psychotherapy services.  In emergency situations, please call 9-1-1 or visit your local emergency room. Under no circumstances shall Mia Adler Ozair and associates, and company Beverly Hills Professional Clinical Counseling, Inc./Channel 4 Change, be responsible for the highly unlikely event of damages arising from use of these products and services and the methods and information found within.

Terms of Use

Please read the following terms of use relating to your use of this site, and all the Sites listed below under our brand, carefully. By using these Sites, you agree to these terms of use today, and in all future times of use, regardless of any updates or changes made. By using our Sites you are understanding and agreeing to use within the spirit in which it is intended to better support people on their journey in life and equip them with tools and knowledge.

Owners and Collectors of Information
These terms of use apply to your use of all of the Sites and services owned, hosted, or operated by Mia Adler Ozair, Beverly Hills Professional Clinical Counseling, Inc., Channel 4 Change, and any other site that we have owned or operated, do own and operate or may own or operate in the future including social media Sites (collectively, the “Sites”). Unless we say otherwise, all references to the Sites in these terms of use include all such Sites.

Restrictions and Copyright
The contents of our Sites are protected by copyright and trademark laws, and are the property of their owners. You may not change, modify, delete, display, transmit, adapt, exploit, or copy for distribution or sale any information, material, trademark, or copyright on the Sites. You must obtain written permission from us or any other entity who owns intellectual property on the Sites before you may publish, distribute, display, or commercially exploit any material from the Sites. By using the Sites, you agree to abide by all copyright notices or other posted restrictions.

Workshops, classes, groups, and event changes
We do our best to keep our on-line calendars up to date with the most current information, however to confirm the most recent information please contact our offices. The information on the Sites is to be considered secondary to a personal confirmation of information through our office via email: office@miaadlerozair.com.

Please do not submit any original or creative work that has not been solicited by us for the express purpose of intended use and collaboration. It is possible that we may already be in process of working on a particular type of project and will not be held accountable for said coincidence of related unsolicited submissions. Any unsolicited work submitted will not be reviewed and will be returned at owner’s expense.

Social Media and Interactive Communities
Although we do our best to monitor any social media and on-line community activity related to our various Sites, we are not responsible for comments posted by participates who are not the sole owners/administrators of any of our affiliated pages, Sites, or on-line groups.

We reserve the right to remove and/or terminate any person’s access to and participation in any of our collective activities.

The information found on our collective Sites and in our programming is for educational purposes only. It is never to be used in lieu of medical, psychological, or legal advice, diagnostics, evaluations, and/or other such services and we advise all of our users to check with his or her own professional resources prior to participating in any of our programming. You, as the user, take full and complete responsibility for any decisions, choices, changes, affairs, engagements, activities, and/or other as a result of utilizing our collective Sites.

Limitation of Liability
Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, will we or any of our licensors or suppliers be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials or information on the Sites, or any products or services provided pursuant to the Sites, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Under no circumstances will we be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage that is caused or alleged to have been caused to you in connection with your use of any advice, goods or services you receive from a guest speaker on our Sites or at one of our events. In addition, under no circumstance will we be held accountable or liable for information, goods, or services provided by those who are connected with our Sites as outside and separate providers.

Privacy Policy

Your information collected from any of our collective sites will be used for the express purpose of communicating with you per your sign-up and agreement and will not be shared with outside users without your express permission. The only exception to this is if we are required under specific circumstance to comply with any legal or governmental body.

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