Re-Framing Rejection

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We have all been rejected at one point or another. Maybe it was running for student government and we didn’t make it. Maybe it was an attempt at a relationship but the other person was not interested. Perhaps you applied for a job and did not get it. At first reaction any type of rejection can hurt and certainly make us question our self-worth and abilities. But I’d like to challenge that entire line of thinking for you. I’d like to give you a new paradigm through which to live your life and it has the potential to help you transcend ordinary living . . .

From now on, the word “rejection” is no longer in your vocabulary. From this point forward, you will replace the word “rejection” with any of these words: “redirection”, “correction”, “the Universe wants something much more amazing for me.”

The Universe in its infinite wisdom could never, and would never, reject you from anything! After all, you are a gem, a star, a masterpiece in progress! So what happens when we don’t get what we want or what we are trying to do, have, or obtain? In these cases the Universe is lovingly guiding us towards something that is much healthier and better for our soul. We are not being “rejected” at all. We are being guided towards the greatest revelation of our personal destiny–a course correction that will enable us to one day step fully into our Light, shine our talents, and live our purpose brightly in the world.

For those willing to embrace this re-framing of the concept of rejection, it is a whole new world. Why? Because instead of feeling depressed, let down, and bummed about not getting what you THINK you need and want, you can say a huge THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR KEEPING ME ON MY PATH BECAUSE I KNOW YOU HAVE SOMETHING MORE SPECTACULAR IN MIND FOR ME THAN I COULD EVER IMAGINE ON MY OWN!!! Or something along those lines 😉.

My goal, in everything that I write, and in everything that I teach, is to help people transcend the ordinary and experience the extraordinary. Knowing that the Universe has your back–even when it feels like a let-down–can in and of itself transform your life experience. Try it and see. This is one more tool for your toolbox to help you become a Lighthouse in this world. Use it wisely and often.

With love,

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