MIa’s Master ClassTM

Transcend the ordinary to manifest the extraordinaryTM


Now it’s time to become a Warrior

Mia’s Master Class IS WHERE I CREATE WARRIORS. It is an exclusive platform developed to support, nourish, educate, inspire, and motivate people of all backgrounds who desire high-quality, life-changing mentorship in an environment that is conducive to self-reflection, dedicated to useful and meaningful content, and provides a safe space to explore, innovate, and mingle with other exceptional human beings.


We don’t do fluff

Busy, successful, driven people don’t have time for fluff. When you are in this group-space your brain should be fired up, you should feel excited, engaged, and curious about what’s coming next. The space is designed for active community engagement with honest yet respectful communication.

“I thought Mia’s class was amazing and inspiring. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of the forces that surround me and helped me look at my life with new perspective.
—Lily H.

Who knows? You may just meet your next business partner, life partner, or new best friend there. You might even get the spark for that one amazing missing piece to your puzzle, meet that one client that blows up your business, or decide to change career paths all together.

The Universe is cooking up some amazing eats and you are invited to have a seat at the table.

What’s included in Mia’s Master Class

checkedLive classes
checkedOngoing group mentoring in group format
checkedContinuous stream of awesome knowledge
checkedTalented, supportive community
checkedNetworking opportunities
checkedAbundant opportunities for personal growth and development

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“The wellness program was very well received. Mia had an excellent presentation which prompted many questions. We were very happy with her program and felt it helped to break down some barriers . . . She is a pioneer in her area of expertise and deserves high praise.”
—Linda Rush
RN COHN-S/CM Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Bottom line:

This is YOU being mentored by ME surrounded by AWESOME INDIVIDUALS learning CUTTING EDGE, TRANSCENDENT MATERIALS.

You’ve got literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It’s time for you to accelerate your UPLEVEL and enter into this one-of-a-kind Master Class.

I am a warrior creating warriors.

I am the teacher who trains teachers,

the therapist for therapists,

the mentor for other mentors,

and I am at your service.

Let’s do this.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Mia’s class. It was a truly unique experience and I came away with a wonderful sense of well-being.”
—Ruth H.

Mia’s Master class valued at $497
Exclusive to and FREE for Mia’s mentoring clients and course students.

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