Life Strategy SessionTM

Transcend the ordinary to manifest the extraordinaryTM

You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs

I’m warning you, it gets intense

LIFE CHANGING TRUTH BOMB: If you are feeling nervous, uncomfortable, and fearful it means you are heading in the right direction. True change means disruption. It means innovation, and it means expanding yourself in ways that make you question your own abilities and dreams. YOUR GREATEST MANIFESTATIONS ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT FEAR.

So maybe you aren’t quite ready to commit to the mentoring program (or maybe it’s booked up!) but you’d like to connect and really examine who you are, how you got there, and where you wish to go.


About your session

I’ve got to warn you, it’s an intense session–we get into the nitty-gritty of your habits, your thought patterns, and I am always very direct and honest with what I am seeing and experiencing with you in session.

The session lasts for two hours (yes I allow potty breaks if necessary) and you will leave the session with a framework and vision for moving forward. All sessions are done via Skype. And, just to make sure you get on with your necessary work I’m going to throw in one month free to my Mia’s Master Class.

Benefits of a Life Strategy Session

checkedDeep exploration of your health, wealth, relationships, professional satisfaction, spiritual connection and more
checkedHonest clear intuitive feedback from an expert with decades of experience
checkedChallenge your existing thought patterns that keep you on repeat
checkedReceive tools to create a Master Plan and get guidance in the process
checkedReceive emotional support and encouragement to break through your own boundaries and reach new levels
checkedFree, lifetime access to the Mia’s Master Class, normally a $497 value, (includes a community of lively individuals all working to uplevel, live classes taught by me, and a constant stream of inspiring, educational, and motivating content to keep your spark shining bright and strong)

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The individual strategy sessions are designed to target exactly what’s holding you back and to strategize on what and how you wish to create shifts and changes in your life that influence your life’s vision and mission.

Free Exclusive:

A lifetime membership to Mia’s Master Class, her live, interactive community where she teaches and posts regularly. A $497 value!

Feel up to the challenge? Can you handle the truth?

I think you can! Let’s do this!

Life Strategy Session, Two-hour Deep Dive: $597

(Payment Plan Available)

Includes exclusive membership to “Mia’s Master Class”

A $497 value available for Mia’s clients and students only

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