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Yes, you read that correctly. I have a therapist, she is great, and I confide in her all of my insecurities, challenges, and shadow-side thoughts that every human being has in some way or another. I call on her whenever I am in need of a sounding board or simply someone to listen who will not shout back or judge me in any way. And I will say this: if you are in therapy or looking for a therapist, your number one question to any potential therapist is: Do you have a therapist?? If they say no, run! I feel pretty strongly on this point that any amazing therapist has a confidant–a supervisor, a therapist, a mentor–who is there for support and reinforcements when the chips are down or the “weather” is cloudy and rainy. During this particular therapy session I was reminded of something very, very important that I’d like to share with all of you–consider it a free session on me :).

Under the right amount of pressure and heat, carbon–one of the most basic elements–forms into a brilliant diamond deep within the earth. Carbon is actually the second highest element found in our bodies, second only to oxygen which as we know is carried by water through our bodies. This is great news! As a non-scientist I’m going to hypothesize that the pressure and heat we feel in our lives actually works to refine us to help us reveal our brilliance. It means that we can make a complete paradigm shift from seeing and experiencing stress and pressure as a positive rather than a negative, thereby increasing our sense of empowerment to forge forward in the face of obstacle and challenge.

As I was talking with my therapist–and yes, in a session I do almost all of the talking and she is a great listener–I basically talked myself from challenge to resolution by having the light-bulb moment about how the events in my life that were stressing me were actually leading me to very positive places. The key would be how I perceive and manage those stressors as I moved through the process. When I began the session, I felt rather negative and confined. As my paradigm shifted I started to feel lighter with a sense of purpose and resolve to put my Spiritual Warrior shoes back on and get back on track.

I also remembered that I love myself and I love my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I shifted to a place of appreciation and grace and this led me to an important conclusion: it is ultimately self-love and acceptance through pressure and experience that reveals our brilliance in a way that nothing else can. When we get swept up by our stress and challenges and feel overwhelmed, the quickest way back to steady ground is connecting with your heart and honoring your humanity and all that it encompasses.

You are brilliant. You are unique. You are deserving of your own love and acceptance. It is from this place of running your life that the world will have the honor of seeing the diamond that you are.
Much love,

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