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The concept of healing is an interesting one. Healing, by my own definition, is the process of becoming whole and complete again, of having mind, body, and soul in balance with life. The fact that we need “healing” of any kind at all means that it is in nature for things to break, not work properly, or misfire. What I do as a therapist is one type of healing–mental and emotional healing. Doctors tend to focus on physical healing. We tend to think of religious and spiritual leaders as guiding healing of the soul. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve done some spiritual study but I have not been quite open about it–ever–with anyone other than my family. But I see now as I get more involved in the larger community that perhaps it is time for me to be a little more open and sharing. Believe me, I am a very private person, so sharing things of this nature do not come easily. But I sense that it is now time to starting sharing some of what I know in the hopes that it will guide others to their own healing and better quality of living.

The truth is, I’ve done not just a little study on these matters, but rather an extensive amount of spiritual study through a large variety of sources and it has led me to understand one very major and serious point: we are each uniquely responsible for our own healing, regardless of the ailment. We may be led to a particular doctor, therapist, or practitioner of one kind or another, but those people do not heal us. Those people are the channels for us to heal ourselves. Please read that again. And again. It would make sense for you to immediately jump and ask well how can you be so sure about that? How can you say definitively that we each have the power to heal ourselves? Aside from the extensive amount of literature that supports this message through a long history of healing practices all over the world, I have lived it. I have experienced healing from what was meant to be an “incurable” condition. I have personally seen how God, or the Universe, or whatever you wish to call it, can be accessed to heal the mind, body, and soul. Before I get in to exactly how, let me share with you the nature of illness . . . of any kind.

All illness, regardless of where it manifests (mind or body), begins at the level of the soul. Nothing can manifest in the mind or body unless it has a root cause in the soul. What does this mean. It means that even the most subtle vibration, shift of consciousness, or exposure to negativity of any kind creates a mark, or impact on the soul. If it sits long enough, this impact shifts down into the mind–usually the subconscious mind–of the individual where if it lurks unattended can then shift down again and manifest some problem or issue in the physical body. The longer the issue remains unsolved, the more the body may end up suffering as a result. The next question always is: What do you mean? That it’s my own fault that I’m facing an issue of some kind? That answer is complicated and often hard to digest. It can be that your own thoughts, behaviors, and associations are causing your ailment. Yes, that is completely possible. It is also possible that an event happened to you–during childhood let’s say–that was never properly resolved and so the mind, and eventually body, carry this burden until it is unearthed and healed. Just as a pebble thrown into a pond will create tiny little ripples, so too can even the most seemingly insignificant event create ripples and marks on the soul. We are sensing and sensitive beings and all that we are exposed to works to mold and shape us. It is really quite profound.

What I am about to share is not something I have really ever shared with anyone other than my family and closest friends. For most it is probably not such a big deal, but as the person living it, it was a major deal. I share it now not because I’m so excited to share my personal story, but because I know there are readers who need this information and I share with the intention of helping people heal. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalsia. At the time this was a vaguely defined diagnosis that doctors were using to help describe a cluster of symptoms that included but were not limited to headaches, muscle, tendon and joint aches in the entire body, extreme and chronic fatigue, sleep issues, depression, anxiety, and more. The diagnosis, although widely used today with an estimated 5.8 million Americans diagnosed with the condition, was just starting to be used and explored. Little was known at the time about effective treatment strategies and treatment, at least for me, included pain medication, massage therapy, low-impact exercise like walking, and some vitamin supplements. At the time, given the extreme body pain and fatigue that I was experiencing, it was a wonder to make it through the day let alone take care of a baby. I lived with this pain for a total of three years during which time I immersed myself in any information I could get about the condition. I remember reading some things about what I would and would not, or should and should not, be able to do anymore now that I have Fibromyalsia. At the same time, I took up a more serious level of study about energy, healing, and the mind/body/soul connection. About three years after my initial diagnosis, something happened. A shift took place. I realized I was no longer willing to accept this pain or this diagnosis, and I started to fight. Only this time, I wasn’t fighting with my body. I began to fight with all of the preconceived notions, agendas, and information that were holding me in this pattern, and I finally decided enough is enough.

I began meditating. I walked every day no matter how tired I was. I had a mantra running through my head: I love life. I want to live a full life. Pain, you are not welcome here–not in my mind or in my body. Please leave, you have served your purpose. I began cutting people out of my life who were negative and draining. I used every opportunity I could to be around people who were healthy, vibrant, and uplifting. I went to therapy whenever I felt emotionally or mentally overwhelmed. I immersed myself in literature that dealt with the mind-body connection and eventually went on to become a Reiki Master energy healer. Within one year I was not just healing, I was cured. No more body aches. No more extreme fatigue. More than just taking care of my mind and body, I was taking great care of my soul by honoring its sensitivity. I learned from this experience that when we, God forbid, fall ill in any manner, it is an opportunity for review of life circumstances and it is a call to action that our soul desperately needs us to be paying closer attention.

Through my studies of energy healing, there are indeed ways to identify what parts of the soul need tending too. Over time I will share those types of tips and tools. But for now, the main message I’d like for you to take with you from this post is this: Things may happen to us, around us, and within us that we may or may not have direct responsibility for; However, when it comes to our healing we are powerful beyond measure. True healing usually involves self-reflection, action to find the proper healers to work with you, and a dedication to life and positive living. May you never have to experience illness or ailments of any kind and may you always be blessed with abundant health and happiness. Just know that if you are challenged to face illness, from the common cold to something more serious, you do have the resources within you to allow complete healing to prevail.
All my best,

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