Defining Moments through Blood, Sweat, & Tears

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I’m not sure if there are other women who feel as I do, but I would have to imagine there are. I started having children almost 18 years ago. I look at those words in amazement . . . 18 years! And in that amount of time have been blessed with a total of five incredible kids and plenty of life experience to go with them. For as much as I love my kids and wouldn’t change a thing, I had an existential war within along the entire way. You see, I love creating and I love working. I truly love working. And I deeply love being with my kids. I’ve done both—been home for stretches of time and worked for stretches of time. But mostly I was playing the juggling game between the two parts of myself that both desired to be fulfilled. However, in a transparent admission I share with you that I rarely had peace of mind: I wanted to be in two places at once which is simply not possible. Result: Happy kids (thank God), restless mom.

About ten years ago I was participating in a workshop with my wonderful teacher Sonia Choquette. She saw right through me. She knew I wanted nothing more than to do what she is doing (teaching, writing, and helping people) and to share with others in a way that is uniquely me. She saw my internal struggle. She saw me wanting to be in a “different space” than the Universe was allowing at the time. In front of all of the attendees at the workshop she looked at me and said, “Mia, I know what you wish to do, and you will do it—but please remember, it took me twenty years to get where I am today! Be patient and trust the Universe to guide you when the time is right!” I sighed, knowing that she was so right. It wasn’t my time. I was needed on the top priority: Mission Mama Mia.

Fast forward ten years to January, 2014. The youngest of my five was almost 2.5 years old and I was restless as usual. Given the failing economy the financial needs of the family outweighed my desire to be home with the baby. For two years I actively sought full-time employment and . . . nothing! Yes, there were a few interviews here and there, but not a single reasonable offer. Message from the Universe? Mission Mama Mia remained the primary focus. The passion to write and teach on a grand scale was still burning strong within me the entire time. The only problem was that I had been quieting that desire for ten years and so didn’t give it much attention anymore. But on January 21, 2014 that all changed. At approximately 9 AM a heavy wood cabinet ripped from its hinges, cracked my head open and sent me down to the floor with blood streaming down my face.

I don’t believe in coincidences or accidents. I knew at that moment that the Universe had been trying to communicate with me and I had not been paying attention . . . and so it knocked harder, a lot harder! After my trip to the hospital for stitches I dove deep into self-reflection attempting to wise up. There was no way something like this was going to happen and I was going to miss the point. After consulting with some of my closest spiritual advisors, I realized the message: “Wake up Mia, it’s time. You’re on active duty now and your newest mission (in addition to Mission Mama Mia), should you choose to accept it, is to share what you know for the greater good, to help others, and to be of service in this world not only to your loved ones, but to all who need you.” Upon understanding that I was now being given the green light to move forward, I felt a swell of energy, gratitude, and teary-eyed emotion that led me to drop anything that was non-essential and to focus. The result of this experience is captured in the very first post on my blog entitled, “Lots of Blood and Four Stitches Later.”

So, you’ve got the blood, you’ve got the tears, and for the past six months, I’ve been working intensely to balance my family life with what it takes to build an entire on-line platform, write a meaningful book, and build a private practice all at the same time. I opened myself again to the magical nature of the Universe at work as I watched all the right people and resources line up at the exact moment needed. My heart expanded. My sight expanded. My senses heightened. I began to once again see the matrix clearly and allow myself to be guided along the way. The entire process has amazed and amused me and has made me realize how little I know in the scope of all there is. The excitement for what is to come, for who I may meet, and for what I may learn is palpable.

In this process I have learned that for as strong as I appear, I am truly terrified of putting myself out there. Taking the photos and recording the videos you will see was nothing short of torture for me. But my desire to educate and help others far outweighs my own discomfort and so I sucked it up and pushed on telling myself I need to practice what I preach. And so, even though I’m a bundle of nerves as I write this, without further ado I present to you If this work helps even one person then the entire effort—personal discomfort and all—will have been worth it.

With the deepest of gratitude,

Mia Adler Ozair
Wife. Mom. Teacher. Author. Warrior.

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