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adjective: consistent
1. (of a person, behavior, or process) unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time.

aristotleAfter immersing myself in courses, books, and literature about success–what it looks like and how it is accomplished–one key component was present for all who considered themselves successful: Consistency. It does not matter their field of business, their level of education, their culture, or their socioeconomic status. People who have demonstrated consistent commitment and action over time towards a goal are the people who seem to achieve the success of reaching and realizing their goals. Essentially, the equation for meeting with success looks like this:


What is also quite amazing is that this equation seems to apply across all goal-types and disciplines. Take weight-loss for example. We all know that in order to achieve sustained weight-loss a person must commit to daily healthy eating practices and a set exercise routine. We can’t just wake up one morning, decide we want to drop 20 pounds, eat a salad for lunch and then expect the weight to disappear. We know through experience that those who have reached a weight-loss goal have done so through consistent effort over time. Same is true for building a business. A business’s reputation for excellent quality and service is built daily over the course of time with consistent demonstration of goods and services. It also applies to school and academic life. In order to graduate with excellent grades you can’t just “ace” one exam–you have to study and put consistent effort throughout your entire career as a student.

We can also take this equation for success and apply to any issue related to mental health and general wellness. Take relationships for example. When two people in a relationship treat each other with care, respect, and kindness over time their connection strengthens and deepens. However, if the two partners are not working along the same lines in terms of their relative investments of time and effort into the relationship, then most likely the relationship will become unstable. Even the treatment of any type of mental health issue requires consistent effort over time to achieve stability and a sense of wellness. Medications or remedies must be taken daily, nutritional matters must be considered on a regular basis, perhaps medical check-ups are needed. Across the board and virtually without exception, consistency and effort over time are the most important factors for reaching peak levels of wellness, life enjoyment, and general success.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that being consistent in your efforts over time is one of the most difficult things to accomplish! The Universe wants us to work for our achievements and see us build a vessel to be able to hold and manage our success for the long-term. Through daily dedication and consistency we strengthen and build our commitment to our goal and our ability to handle the manifestations of our goals and all the blessings that will bring. Along the path will be all sorts of obstacles–for example, my youngest has woken up between 2 and 3:30 AM every night for the past 10 nights wanting me and my company. Needless to say this makes waking up with a smile on my face ready to charge into the day rather difficult. I’m thankful that this is just a minor hiccup, because people do face more major ones. The key to not being completely derailed is keeping your goal in the forefront of your mind each and every day. Verbalize your commitment to it, whatever it is, and allow yourself to take baby steps towards your goal on days when you are not energized enough to take leaps and bounds. All that matters is constant forward motion in the direction of your goals and dreams. When you make your consistent effort over time, most certainly the Universe will be delighted to meet you along the way and show you the fruits of your labor.

Here’s a homework assignment: Choose one goal that you are currently working towards and plan out your week of consistent effort over time towards that goal. Every day should have an action tied to the goal to move you forward. At the end of each day check in to see how you’ve done! Take notes and repeat the following week taking steps each day along the way. I know you can do it, I’m cheering for you! Please let me know how it goes and always remember, Be A Lighthouse!
Much love,

P.S. I have always found “The Rock” to be an amazing example of dedicated consistent effort over time! Between his exercise routine and his commitment to growing his career and helping people I have found him to be inspiring. Here’s a great motto to live by:


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