Beware the Killer of Dreams

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It’s that feeling that sneaks up on you. You’ve been working hard towards a goal or accomplishment, things are moving along, and then wham! Nothing. Echoes. No feedback from the Universe. Waiting. Torturous waiting for a reply, an answer, some movement, a sign. It’s what I call the dead air of uncertainty and it is the Killer of Dreams.

We have all experienced it, right? I mean, there are few if any people who are working hard towards accomplishment and building who don’t at some point feel a stand-still. Even in the process of weight loss people can hit a plateau where there will be days, if not weeks, when the scale doesn’t budge. For me, I always know when it is happening because it is like radio silence: people don’t answer my emails in a timely manner, my phone messages go unreturned, things slow down in on-line activity. It is quite an unnerving state of being, this lingering limbo. It used to drive me crazy and really get me worked up. But then I noticed something: this quiet, this stillness, always seems to come just before a burst of activity and growth, as if the Universe is quietly testing my reserve to see if I’ve earned what’s coming to me. So now, when I sense that uncomfortable period of inactivity, instead of getting worked up I breathe and (try) to relax into it with a sense of anticipation for what’s to come. I’d be lying if I said it is enjoyable or easy. Maybe one day I’ll get there . . . but for now, I’ll wiggle around in my seat a little waiting for the clouds to part and the sun to peek through offering a shimmer of a glimpse of the new Universal feedback.

In the end, the entire process of sunny days mixed with cloudy ones is an integral part of our life’s curriculum. After all, if they were all sunny days how would we maintain a deep sense of appreciate for that bright light? Those cloudy days–those quiet times–are really a blessing come to expand us gently and to prepare us for even bigger and better dreams. Here’s to dreaming big with absolute certainty of the grand outcome, regardless of the weather.
All my best,

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