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I know the struggle…and the struggle is real.

After a nasty bought with pneumonia in early 2016 I found myself unable to function, physically exhausted, and having gained almost 20 lbs as a result of medications and nasty food cravings from being so depleted. In an effort to gain a better understanding of exactly what the state of my health really was I went to my doctor for a full blood work up and exam. The results were not good: my cholesterol levels were through the roof, my iron count was rock bottom, and of course I already knew that my weight was pushing the limits of what my buttons could handle. My doctor wanted to put me on cholesterol medications immediately to which I said, “NO! Give me 3 months!!” He agreed and told me that if he didn’t see an improvement in my numbers we would need to take action.

In truth, having had seven pregnancies and five babies, my weight and my well-being had swung on that proverbial yo-yo for many years. When I sat down and calculated approximately how much weight I have gained and lost since I was 20 years old I came up with . . . are you ready for this? 415 pounds!!!! However, upon seeing the blood test results after my bout with pneumonia, and after spending way to much time in my closet trying to find something that fit me, I decided enough is enough. I set out to research how to get myself in A+ shape for the rest of my lifetime. For weeks I immersed myself in researching all the information I could about healthy living–NOT weight loss specifically–and what I found changed my life.

As a result of implementing an entirely new way of living, my LDL cholesterol dropped by 53 points, my triglycerides by 19 points, my iron increased by 44 points, and I dropped 12 pounds all in the first six weeks of my self-developed program. The experience was so profound that I decided to not only dedicate my own life to living this way, but also decided to dedicate my professional counseling practice to coaching others to do the same. The way I see it, my body, mind, and soul are beautiful treasures that help me to experience this world in miraculous ways.  It’s my job to care for all three so that I can live up to my true potential. Am I at my fittest yet? Not yet. I am a work in progress and I’m embracing and enjoying the journey with patience and self-love. My goal is to help you to do the same.

I’m not going to lie–there are no shortcuts and it’s hard work–but you too can transform your health and your quality of life by implementing the wellness protocol that I have created . . . and I’m here to help you every step of the way.

As a mom to nine kids (three of mine, four of his, and two of ours), I’ve mastered time management and juggling a gazillion moving pieces at once. As a clinical psychotherapist, I completely understand that you are walking a unique path, have gone through tough challenges, and that you have something brilliant to achieve and/or contribute in this world. Both my personal and professional experiences set me up in a way that I really get it–I really understand.

I’ve already earned enough letters after my name to make alphabet soup! However, in an effort to add and expand my knowledge and ability to help further, I am currently a doctoral student at University of Southern California (USC) studying Organizational Change and Leadership with a focus on childhood obesity as well as earned my certification as a Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise. It is crucial to look at life with the eyes of an eternal student, constantly searching, questioning, and innovating about how to become your best self.

It has become clear to me that wellness is the foundation from which true leadership can emerge. We need a well body, mind, and spirit in order to see clearly, function effectively, and have the energy and desire necessary to bring forth true leadership skills. You might say, “Well, I’m not a leader so it doesn’t matter.” This is simply not true. You are a leader in your own life if not also in your partner’s, your children’s, your co-worker’s, your employee’s, your community, and so on. Each of us is a leader in our own right and in our own life. It’s a gift and a responsibility and my goal is to bring you to your highest levels of both wellness and leadership.

Together we can truly bring transformation to mind, body, and soul. Life is simply too important and too short to not feel good and really LIVE!

My personal catch phrase is, “Transcend the ordinary to manifest the extraordinary!” Caring for your mind, body, and soul can literally create miracles in your life that are grander than your wildest dreams. Don’t wait another moment to start really living. I’m so excited to work with you!

All my best,


I’d love to connect with you!

Products I love as tools for a healthy living

I spend a considerable amount of time researching for products that will be excellent tools for healthy living and that are also reasonably priced! In an effort to save you time I’ve created a “Things Mia Loves” store on Amazon to help you find exactly what you need in order to follow my wellness protocol effectively. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: By shopping in Mia’s Amazon Store you acknowledge that you should always check with your personal doctor before taking any new supplements, starting any exercise new program or changing any nutritional plan.

Disclaimer: By shopping in Mia’s Amazon Store you acknowledge that you should always check with your personal doctor before taking any new supplements, starting any exercise new program or changing any nutritional plan.


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