5 Ways the Positive Feedback Loop Will Rock Your Life

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The phrase “positive feedback loop” is actually a scientific term that I am overlapping with human psychology and the impact the concept can have on your every-day life.  Although it’s a scientific term, it’s not rocket science—in fact, it’s actually pretty simple.  When you experience positive feedback from any source, human nature dictates that the positive feedback will encourage the behavior that caused that response.  Here are five different ways to apply the positive feedback loop to take your life to a new level:

 1. Marriage and relationships

When your partner does something that you like, let it be known!  Say thank you, verbalize how much that action or comment was appreciated.  Validate, validate, validate!!  Even the smallest thing from changing the toilet paper roll to filling the take with gas should be noticed and encouraged in a positive way.

2. Parenting:

Catch your kids being good.  Use love, hugs, and rewards for great behavior and for behavior that has been corrected.  Kids especially need tons of feedback, and the more positive your feedback, the more positive energy will flow around the house.

3. Sex:

If it feels good, looks good, and is working then by all means express it!  Use of the positive feedback loop in bed is an excellent and easy way to ramp up your sex life and create new levels of experience as well as draw each other closer.  There are so many ways to show things are working . . . be creative!

4. At Work: 

If you are an employee, let your boss know when he or she has done a great job at mentoring or communicating with you and share how much it is appreciated.  If you are the boss, it is essential you provide positive feedback to help your employees reach their greatest potential.  Positive feedback in the workplace increases productivity and makes the environment a more enjoyable place to be.

5. Your Body and Your Mind:

Almost everyone has something about their body or themselves they wish to change or improve upon, and everyone also knows just how much work must be done to improve a mood or get in shape.  You, and your body, need positive feedback as well!  Ask a good friend to tell you when she notices changes in your body as a result of your new exercise routine or even changes in your attitude.  Even better, in a kind and loving way, create your own positive feedback loop by just saying something nice to yourself while looking in the mirror.  With effort and knowledge positive results will come!

Every human being on this planet needs the two “V’s”:  To be VALUED and to be VALIDATED.  By applying the positive feedback loop in your life you can experience miraculous and meaningful change!


Originally written and published for A Woman’s Health.

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