16 days . . . many lessons learned

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In an effort to step back and gain perspective, I used these past couple of weeks to remove myself from social media and immerse myself in holiday and family related activity. Given the pace at which I had been working on various projects prior to this hiatus, it was surprisingly easy to put down my phone, step away from the computer, and breathe. My soul had been longing for this break much more than I had realized. Given that I was both teaching classes and also with my kids, I wouldn’t exactly say it was a vacation. However, it certainly was a great change of scenery and pace, and I met some amazing people. What follows are some of the pearls of wisdom–some new and some renewed–that I take with me from this time away and share with you for consideration.

1. Kids will be kids. Love them for who they are and for their unique and beautiful nature–each one a world of his or her own.
2. Flexibility is key. Expect that things will not go as planned. This way if they do go as planned you are delighted, and if they don’t you aren’t disappointed!
3. The eyes need to be fed by different sights. Our eyes truly are the windows to the soul. If we are lucky enough to have our sight, we need to feed it by taking in the beauty that the world has to offer.
4. Our bodies need great care and attention. After eating food that others had prepared for over two weeks and sleeping in beds that are not my own, I realize that caring for the body is a necessity. Each person’s body has unique needs and I have a greater appreciation for the comforts of home.
5. Cherish family. It was my first time back home in Chicago since my grandfather passed away, which was very hard for me. On the other hand, it was also the first time in many years that the entire rest of the family was gathered together to celebrate, and this was a beautiful blessing.
6. Sugar really is the hidden devil in foods. Detox starts now!
7. There is no point in keeping a frantic pace. The Universe will do as the Universe does and no amount of frantic action will change that.
8. Certain types of stress will bring out the true nature of a person. I’ve still got some work to do on myself . . .
9. There are many ways to pack a suitcase. That’s my way of saying that it takes all kinds and no one way of doing things is the only way.
10. I love my life and am thankful for it. Every day, more and more, with all the challenges and ups and downs.

I pray to bring with me from these past couple of weeks a new sense of clarity and strengthened commitment to my Spiritual Warrior status as a wife, mother, writer, therapist, and advocate. I pray to be able to have the vision and power to help others to the great degree that I desire to. I pray to earn the merit of doing my work in this world for which God intended me to do. I pray to wake each day with a sense of gratitude and grace that I’ve been given another chance to make a difference for others. I pray to be that Lighthouse for others, to bring comfort to my family and add my beacon of hope to the world. Most of all I’m thankful to be back at my desk with my fingers on these keys sharing with you. Until next time, sending blessings!

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