Are you ready to rock your paradigm?

Feeling fearful? Check. Intending to make a little noise? Check. Prepared to disrupt, innovate, and renovate? Check. Let’s do this.

You are done playing small. It’s time for the world get to know you and your special talents. So, what’s holding you back?

Each of us has areas in our lives where we feel amazing and other areas where we feel insecure or lacking. Need to shed a few pounds? Need to drop your cholesterol levels or prevent or cure type 2 diabetes? How is your emotional/mental state of mind? Are you owning your leadership skills? Do you LOOK AND FEEL GREAT? Are you HAPPY???

Life comes with such a huge learning curve and I’ve spent the last 20 years dedicated to learning, experimenting, living, failing, getting up again, and generally attempting to be a great human being. My entire platform is dedicated to helping you shorten your own learning curve by sharing with you the knowledge and wisdom I have gathered along the way. We can never have all the answers, but we can have some of the answers with even better questions about how to live more fulfilling, satisfying, and innovative lives! It is through questioning our own ways of living that we can uncover our hidden patterns and facilitate mind-blowing change. Einstein said that if he had only one hour to solve the world’s problems he would spend 55 minutes developing pertinent questions to only then arrive at meaningful, powerful answers.

I’m here to question you, challenge you, and help you innovate so that you take your life to an entirely new level:  It’s time to UPLEVEL.

Join me as we explore, ignite, and deep-dive into new and exciting territory about health, wellness, and leadership abilities that will rock your paradigm, nourish your body, expand your mind, and feed your soul.

The D.I.V.A.TM Weight Loss Solution

A FREE webinar to discover my proven weight loss secrets

This is a no fluff, scientific-yet-sacred weight loss webinar that will help you discover how to shed pounds, quit bingeing, and enter a radiant and liberated life. So grab your meditation cushion, light a candle, and bring a notebook ’cause this is what you’ve ACTUALLY been craving.


You Already Know You’re A Rock Star…

Now it’s time to become a Warrior

My “Warrior Wellness: One-hour Bootcamp” is that wake-up call you need to get that fire lit. It is a one-hour phone call with me to detail exactly what steps you need to take to bring your health and wellness to Warrior status!

Are you ready to reveal your potential on a whole new level?


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About Me

miaThe mind/body/soul connection concept coupled with health and fitness has been a passion of mine since I am old enough to remember. My childhood was filled with every sport activity you can imagine and in high school I was on the springboard diving team (actually held the school record for a period of time!) and pom squad as well as participating in martial arts. I started working at the age of 16 as a lifeguard and swim instructor which continued well into my college years.

Fast forward to today and I have gathered over 25 years of experience in the worlds of education, mental health, health coaching, and the wellness arena. It’s been a great joy to write and author three books (Essential Proteen: Life Skills to Help Teens Succeed, Research Press; Insider’s Secrets: How to Choose an Exceptional Therapist, Oakhurst Publishing; Cook, Pray, Eat Kosher: The Essential Kosher Cookbook, Feldheim Publishers) which are all available on Over the course of my career I’ve been a featured expert in numerous media outlets including print and radio (see media page) and have dedicated my professional work to helping others live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

In Fall 2016 I began working on my doctoral degree at the University of Southern California (USC) in Organizational Change and Leadership in the Rossier School of Education and am so honored to have been awarded a Schwarzenegger Institute on State and Global Policy Graduate Fellowship. It is my hope to use my doctoral work as a platform for helping to reduce the epidemic of childhood obesity in our country and bring awareness to the essential importance of striving to have a sound mind, healthy body, and happy soul. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about my background and I look forward to ushering you into wellness, leadership & global impact!

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